Natalia Brooks is a Swiss artist who lives and works in Lausanne.
Already In her childhood, she discovered the phenomenon of colors in nature, which marked the beginning of her artistic journey. Alongside her study of drawing, she also delved into the world of music by playing the piano. These two passions have remained with her to this day, inspiring and influencing her artistic creativity.

In her artwork, Natalia endeavours to convey the influence of colours on everyday life, recognising that encountering a particular hue can profoundly affect one's mood. The words of the Russian artist Kandinsky from his book 'Theory of Colour' resonate deeply with Natalia: 'Colour harbours an enormous force, capable of influencing the whole human body, both the organism and the mind.'

Ultimately, she seeks to evoke emotions through her paintings.

For the realisation of her artistic vision, Natalia has chosen abstract art, which, in addition to expressing her fascination with colours, also permits a myriad of interpretations of the meaning behind her works. Vibrant colors hold a special place in Natalia's heart, and she considers the interaction of colours on canvas as an exploration, where the endpoint of the journey is not always predictable but often surprising and rewarding.


Zurich Exhibition Hall, Zürich, Switzerland
12.04 — 14.04.2024
Artfair Zurich
April, 2024
Avenue de la Gare 10, Lausanne, Switzerland
Hotel “Le Petit manoir”, Morges, Switzerland
01.10 — 31.12.2023
Hotel “Le Petit manoir”, Morges, Switzerland
Lausanne, Switzerland
28.09 — 01.10
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Orbits of thoughts
Gold antiquity
Cornflower Clouds
of desire
Triumph of flowers
Early Dawn
Universal DNA
Twin moons
The spectrum
Lilac dreamscape
The gloaming
Nota bene
Tree of life
"Nothing is impossible."

In addition to my own creations, I also undertake commissioned paintings for individuals and companies, including hotels or restaurants. If you find a work of art from my repertoire that resonates with you but is no longer available for sale or is not in the desired format, worry not. I can create a unique piece for you, according to your desires and in my distinctive style.

Size and colour are determined during our initial exchange. Your favorite photos from my collection can serve as a guide in the completion of the commissioned piece. I value your feedback and will incorporate your comments into my work. Upon completion, the artwork is treated with a high-quality final varnish with three layers of UV sun protection. The usual production time for commissioned artwork is around 2 - 4 weeks. Please feel free to contact me for more details.

I ship my artworks worldwide.


Please feel free to contact me if you’re interested buy any of the paintings shown on this site. Also if you would like to commission me any of my paintings, but with different sizes

And off course, you can contact/follow me on Facebook and Instagram, or TikTok